11/11/2023 Garaje de Son Armadams.

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Alejandra Atarés

Jeongmoon Choi

Lucía Gorostegui

Steffi Goetze

Mar Guerrero

Ji Eun Kim

Sergio Monje

Lucas Moraes

Manuela Morales Delano

Florence de l'Olivier

Jaime González Palencia

Magdalena Puigserver

Huma Rise

Laia Ventayol & Joana Capellar

“Shells & Corals” is an exhibition featuring the works of 15 visual artists and 2 printing houses from Mallorca, Basel, Paris, South Korea, and Berlin.This collective showcase brings together a diverse array of artistic references and viewpoints, all set within the unconventional backdrop of a garage in Palma de Mallorca.

The common theme that ties these artists together is their aim to process and display the idea of collective memory within our society. Mallorca’s collective memory continually evolves as the island hosts millions of visitors every year. These newcomers bring distorted perspectives, exoticing viewpoints to the island’s landscapes and residents.

The exhibition raises a central question: Does the pursuit of aesthetics and a particular lifestyle justify the capitalization on the land, the ocean, and even other people? This thought-provoking query is explored through the artists’ diverse expressions, as they come together to contemplate issues like relocation, the translation of language, shared and personal memories, and the legacy of industrialization.

In ‘Shells & Corals,’ the artworks, like echoes from an ancient culture, come together to create new conversations that reveal the symbolic and strategic value of our island through inner and outer perspective

Publishing houses:
a la maison printing (FR)
Two And The Same (PMI)